Nowadays, everything is a service and as a matter of fact, we think with services. We design processes to optimise customer service, making sure that both employees and service users have a positive experience with the brand in every possible touchpoint.

At work, we use the service design thinking methodology, the double diamond perspective and the Human Centred Design approach, thanks to which the services we design are intuitive and economically justified.

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s360 is an interdisciplinary team of strategists, researchers and designers formed by Grzegorz Młynarski, a strategist, coach, practitioner and theorist of process and service design with 15 years of professional experience.

Most of our team members combine various competencies in their everyday work: psychology and process design, data analysis and coding, cultural studies and process management, sociology and marketing strategies, cognitive science and UX design, thanks to which we can still think out of the box about the challenges ahead of us.

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For us, research is the heart of the strategic and design process. We constantly ask questions about the needs and motivations of users, check behaviour patterns and the performance of existing solutions and prototype all the services we design.

At s360, research quality control is supervised by Julia Dziubecka, a researcher, insight manager and member of the Polish Society of Market and Opinion Researchers (PTBRiO). The team of researchers managed by Julia checks the performance of existing services (action research) and tests concepts, mock-ups, communication, usability and processes created by internal and external design teams.

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We believe that the best solutions are achieved in a good company. This is why when our projects are in progress, we set up Expert Boards and Consumer Boards, which help us look for answers to research questions and design challenges.

During research, strategic and design workshops, we verify hypotheses and validate concepts multiple times in order to find effective solutions in consecutive iterations.

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So far, we have carried out almost 200 projects by designing new services and optimising existing ones, preparing service blueprints and creating customer journey maps, brand frameworks, brand strategies and brand books.

For 6 years, we have carried out research that precedes design processes and research related to performance and communication in existing services. We do that by testing concepts and prototypes of public and digital services, as well as customer service processes.

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